Inter-regional and Transnational Projects

The MED EUROPE EXPORT CONSORTIUM is the founder of the Federexport Sicilia and it encourages its network on a Regional, National and International scale

The MED EUROPE EXPORT CONSORTIUM takes part to the “EuroMediti” program, which has the aim of involving public and private, entrepreneurial and academic bodies, in order to develop and use innovative technologies in the European-Mediterranean area.

The MED EUROPE EXPORT has signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Malta Enterprise: the objective was that of favouring and encouraging networking initiatives between Sicilian and Maltese companies.

In the last few years, the MED EUROPE EXPORT has run some projects aimed at qualifying new human resources who can operate in the SMEs in order to carry out the solutions towards to specific problems, giving the enterprises the opportunity to reach a market space in the economic and international scene. It has in particular given start to the “Mediterranean Enterprises” project, addressed to the young Tunisian entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, it has participated in and has promoted other projects for the interregional and trans-national cooperation, such as: