[ CONSORTIUM ] MED EUROPE EXPORT We work for your future since 1996. [ CONSORTIUM ] MED EUROPE EXPORT We work for your future since 1996.
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The consortium was established in 1996

Med Europe Export is a multisectoral consortium and groups Sicilian companies which, distinguishing themselves for technological and innovative capabilities, operate in different sectors.

The Med Europe Export Consortium is a reference point for all companies that aim to start and / or consolidate, effectively and efficiently, economic relationships with foreign entities.

The goal is to aim for forms of industrial partnership, increase commercial exchanges, facilitate meetings with foreign entrepreneurs and institutional subjects in order to allow companies to identify outlet markets and the best development opportunities.


What Services We Offer For You

Our services strengthen your entrepreneurial and managerial skills on an international level.


Courses on international trade for managers, entrepreneurs and employees.


Seminars, guide to the market, sales network arrangement, contract response.


Advices about foreign trade procedures, market researches, preparation for business plan.


Business meeting with foreign actors, partecipation on exhibitions and international shows, entrepreneurial mission on foreign markets, economical forum


Our Awesome Members

We are professionals who transform your plans into practical and solid reality by 25 years.

600 +

Project Done

5000 +

Happy Clients

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25 +

Experience Year

[Since 1996]

Experience in the Field

We provide information consultancy and assistance services for internationalization. We want to facilitate meetings between entrepreneurs and representatives of foreigner institutions in European an Arab countries and we do it since 1995.


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