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Giovedi, 22 ottobre 2020
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The Med Europe Consortium Print

It was founded in 1996, and its headquarter is located in Confindustria - The Manufacturers' Association of the Province of Palermo - Confindustria Palermo

The MED EUROPE EXPORT is a multi sector consortium that includes Sicilian enterprises which can be distinguished for their technological and innovative capabilities. These companies operate in different sectors: Agro- industrial, Environment, Furniture and wood, Building and building components, packaging, installation, precious metals manufacturing, Engineering, data transmission (Health, ICT, Finance, Transports).

Its operative structure can count on highly qualified professionals in providing its wide range of services specifically designed for the associated enterprises and in devising strategies capable of favouring their internationalization within a global framework.

In order to represent the companies interests, needs and the expectations, since 1997 the Consortium has started a cooperation with Tunisia, by opening a Desk within the Tunis - Italian Chamber of Commerce which purpose is the development and the improvement of the relations between the two Mediterranean coasts.

The MED EUROPE EXPORT CONSORTIUM is the founder of the Federexport Sicilia and it encourages its network on a Regional, National and International scale

The MED EUROPE EXPORT CONSORTIUM takes part to the "EuroMediti" program, which has the aim of involving public and private, entrepreneurial and academic bodies, in order to develop and use innovative technologies in the European-Mediterranean area.

The MED EUROPE EXPORT has signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" with the Malta Enterprise: the objective was that of favouring and encouraging networking initiatives between Sicilian and Maltese companies.

In the last few years, the MED EUROPE EXPORT has run some projects aimed at qualifying new human resources who can operate in the SMEs in order to carry out the solutions towards to specific problems, giving the enterprises the opportunity to reach a market space in the economic and international scene. It has in particular given start to the "Mediterranean Enterprises" project, addressed to the young Tunisian entrepreneurs.


Furthermore, it has participated in and has promoted other projects for the interregional and trans-national cooperation, such as:

  •      The "METIC" project (Mediterranean Trading and Innovation Centre), financed under the INTERREG III A Sicilia - Malta EU initiative. Its aim was to encourage the interregional cooperation and to promote the economic cohesion between the two regions. The project has been carried out and implemented by a partnership made up of Sicilian partners, among which the University of Palermo, Confindustria Sicilia, Provinces of Trapani and Caltanissetta, Ass.For.Seo Rome and Maltese Partners: University of Malta and Malta Federation of Industries. The main activities conducted by Med Europe Export have been aimed at encouraging the Sicilian companies to work with their Maltese counterparts to carry out projects and to reach common goals; at setting up a dynamic network among enterprises, research centres and universities; at promoting internationalization throughout meetings between the companies involved in the project events; at consolidating trade relations in the Mediterranean Area. 
  •   The Multiethnic Company Project, promoted in line with the European Initiative Equal Phase 2, aims at helping the integration of the immigrants living in Sicily in the social and productive community of the Region. The Project, launched in 2005, will be closed in June 2008. The main result of this project is the Multi-ethnic Agency, an information desk that provides all the immigrants living in Sicily with Legal consultancy, Social/employment consultancy, Enterprise setting up Consultancy, Linguistic and Cultural mediation.
  •      The "Dar" project, promoted by the Maltese Ministry of Foreign Affaires along with SOS MALTA and ICMPD Vienna, aimed at developing and implementing some measures to reintroduce migrants in their origin Countries for a better future. Specific objectives of this project include the establishment of re-integration programmes for migrants who return to their country of origin together with the improvement of administrative procedures on return by focusing on cooperation with countries of origin, other EU Member States as well as among the public authorities and other relevant stakeholders in Malta. Among the project activities Med Europe Export has been running a training path addressed to the immigrants who showed their interest towards the return program. This training path is aimed at giving migrants all instruments and information for the start-up business and linguistic and cultural mediation.
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